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July 11, 2024
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July 10, 2024
When is lost wax casting used?

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July 9, 2024
Lost wax casting background and practical significance

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July 4, 2024
Lost wax casting: process, applications and future

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What is lost wax casting?

Lost wax casting is a precision casting process, also known as investment casting or precision casting. It is an ancient and advanced metal molding technique that produces complex metal parts with high precision and surface finish.

What are the steps in the lost wax casting process?

  1. Making a wax mold: first a wax mold is made in the same shape as the final product. This can be achieved by methods such as injection molding or 3D printing.
  2. Assembling the wax tree: Multiple wax molds are connected to a central wax column to form a “wax tree”.
  3. Creation of the ceramic shell: The wax tree is immersed in a special ceramic paste and then sprinkled with fine sand. This process is repeated several times to form a multi-layered ceramic shell.
  4. Dewaxing: The breakdance shells are heated so that the wax melts and flows out, leaving precise cavities.
  5. Roasting the shells: The shells are roasted at high temperatures to increase strength and remove any wax residue.
  6. Pouring: The molten metal is poured into the preheated ceramic shell.
  7. Cooling and Cleaning: After the metal has cooled, the ceramic shell is broken and the casting is removed.
  8. Post-treatment: The sprue is removed and the necessary heat treatment and surface preparation are carried out.

What are the advantages of lost wax casting?

  • High accuracy: can reach ±0.05mm dimensional accuracy
    Surface finish: Ra 1.6μm can be achieved.
  • Complex shapes: capable of casting complex internal structures and thin-walled parts
  • Material versatility: suitable for a wide range of metals, including difficult-to-machine high-temperature alloys
  • Near-net-shape: reduces subsequent machining, saving material and costs
  • Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of production requirements, from single parts to large quantities.

What are some common applications for Lost Wax Casting?

  • Aerospace: turbine blades, structural components;
  • Medical: orthopedic implants, dental instruments;
  • Automotive: precision valves, turbocharger components;
  • Energy: gas turbine components;
  • Art: fine sculpture, jewelry;

What are the limitations of lost wax casting?

  • Longer lead times
  • May not be as economical as other casting methods for large quantities of simple shaped parts
  • Higher initial equipment investment

Comparison of Lost Wax Casting with other technologies

  • Compared to sand casting: Lost wax casting is more accurate and can produce more complex shapes.
  • Compared to die casting: Lost wax casting allows the use of a wider variety of metals, including high melting point alloys.
  • Compared to machining: Lost wax casting can produce complex shapes more economically and with less material waste.

Lost wax casting is used in many high-end manufacturing applications because of its ability to produce high precision, complex shaped metal parts. Although it is an ancient technology, it is still one of the most advanced metal forming methods available today through modern equipment and process innovations.

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