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March 4, 2024
3D Sand Printing Technology Reshapes Foundry Industry

Explore the future of casting technology innovation, revealing how 3D sand printing can disrupt the traditional foundry industry.

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3D printing sand casting is a new method of applying 3D printing technology to the traditional sand casting process, which combines the high precision and flexibility of 3D printing with the cost-effectiveness and large-scale production capabilities of traditional sand casting, making it an important innovation in the modern foundry industry.

Its key processes include:
Designing the casting model using CAD software, printing the sand mold layer by layer via a sand 3D printer, preparing and treating the sand mold to ensure its stability, then pouring molten metal into the sand mold, and finally post-processing to clean and machine the casting.

The advantages of 3D printing sand casting include high design freedom, rapid iteration, reduced mold costs, material savings and improved accuracy, the ability to achieve complex geometries and internal structures, and suitability for prototyping and small batch production.

The technology is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, and energy industries to meet customers’ customization needs by quickly adapting designs.

In the future, with the advancement of 3D printing technology and material science, the application scope and advantages of 3D printing sand casting will be further expanded, combined with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to realize a more intelligent and efficient production process.

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