Metal / Ceramic Binder Jetting

New Product Trial Production, Small Batch Production, Material Development, Structural Design Verification
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Our Core Technologies

We have independently mastered a number of key technologies related to 3D printers, materials and processes of binder jetting technology, completed the development of R&D-type R series, production-type P series and other series of 3D printers, and completed the development of systematic material processes for iron-based materials non-ferrous metals, high-temperature alloys, refractory metals, ceramic materials, inorganic salts, polymers, foodmaterials and other systematic materials.
We have mature technology and experience in small particle size powder spreading, powder bed density enhancement, high-resolution inkjet system development, rapid design and development of binder formulations,and degreasing sintering process.


Our Binder Jet 3D Printers

Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printer: AFS J160R 2024
Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printer AFS J380R 2024
Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printer: AFS J400p 2024
Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printer: AFS J400L 2024

Self-developed Binders

We have successfully researched and developed 5 series of binders for more than 20 materials, and has the ability to independently design binder formulations, which can meet the development needs of customers for new materials and new applications for customized binders.









General Material





High Precision &Low-carbon Residuals

High Strength & High Precision

Economical, High Precision for Small Particle Size Powders, High Rheological Properties


Metal / Ceramic Binder Jetting molding technology as a low-cost, high-efficiency batch metal additive manufacturing technology, is expected to be in the automotive, hardware, 3C Electronics, tools, molds, cutting tools, medical devices, High-end equipment and other industries to form a small and medium batch of industrial applications, has a broad marketspace, the future market size of more than one hundred billion.

Parts after degreasing and sintering
Parts after degreasing and sintering New
Parts after degreasing and sintering 2024
Honeycomb parts
Drill bits made by metal binder jetting
Binder jet moulded parts 2024
3D printed hinges
Binder jet moulded parts
metal binder jetting parts
metal binder jetting 3d printing 2024
Apple Watch case made by metal binder jet 3D printing
metal binder jetting 3d printing


Manufacturing of hinge covers for folding screen mobile phones, watch cases for electronic watches, mobile phone frames, frames and other components can achieve excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy, easy processing, high yield, low cost, high efficiency, large output, high integration, and reduced assembly.


To achieve rapid mold-free manufacturing, assist MIM factories in establishing rapid prototyping capabilities, and supplement their shortcomings in small-batch manufacturing, while improving their manufacturing capabilities for complex structural parts and large-size parts.


Manufacture of mold inserts with embedded cooling water circuit type, to achieve accurate and rapid coolingat a lower cost, to speed up the production beat, reduce product deformation, improve product quality, applied to injection molds, die-casting molds and so on.


Manufacture high-performance cutter body and shank products with embedded complex cooling water circuitapplicable to all kinds of powder high-speed steel and cemented carbide cutting tools, enhance the product perfor.mance and cutting eficiency through internal cooling method, and reduce the segregation of alloy composition by solid-phase sintering process to achieve the best material performance.


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Longyuan AFS Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of 3D printing equipment and manufacturing services in China, providing high-quality R&D pilot production and rapid manufacturing services for small-lot, multi-species and complex structure metal products based on the integrated technology of "3D printing, casting, machining and inspection".

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