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water jacketed sand mold

Comparison of Traditional Processes and 3D Printing Processes

To fully understand our advantages we must first understand the traditional sand mold and sand core manufacturing process encountered pain points, summarized as follows:

Inconsistent quality: affected by human factors, prone to defects such as surface imperfections, dimensional deviations and lack of strength, affecting production efficiency and product reliability.
Long production cycle: Multiple processes lead to longer production cycles, limiting flexibility and making it difficult to respond quickly to the market.
High cost: High material waste and labor costs, repeated trials and adjustments increase costs, and long lead times and high scrap rates further drive up total costs.
Limited design complexity: Complex geometries and details are difficult to achieve with traditional methods, limiting innovation and performance optimization.
Environmental impact: Material disposal and waste may lead to environmental pollution, and high energy consumption is not conducive to sustainable development.
Production delays: problems such as damaged molds, process adjustments, and material availability can lead to production delays, affecting delivery times and corporate reputation.
Technical constraints: Dependence on the experience and skills of skilled workers, differences in technical level lead to unstable product quality, and the application of new technology is slow to be popularized.
Difficulty in maintenance and repair: It is difficult to repair and maintain sand molds and cores after they are damaged, and they usually need to be remade, which increases time and cost.

Traditional sand mold and sand core production process

In order to solve the shortcomings of the traditional sand mold and sand core making process, we introduce our self-developed industrial-grade sand 3D printing equipment. The advancement, stability and economy of our equipment have been verified in foundries, and at the same time, we also provide sand mold 3D printing services to the outside world.

3d printed sand molds and sand cores

Improving accuracy and consistency: 3D printing technology reduces human error by precisely controlling material deposition, ensuring that parts are highly consistent with digital designs.

Improving productivity: 3D printing dramatically reduces production lead times from days and weeks to hours, speeding up market response and order delivery.

Realize cost savings: Automated production reduces labor costs and material waste, making 3D printing cost-effective for mass production.

Increase design flexibility: 3D printing technology breaks through the limitations of traditional manufacturing, allowing for the design of more complex and detailed geometries, facilitating product innovation.

Provides environmental advantages: 3D printing reduces waste and pollution, improves material use efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and supports sustainable development.

Simplifies maintenance and repair: 3D printing can quickly replicate damaged parts, simplifying maintenance processes and improving production stability.

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Advantages of our services

High Precision and Complex Shape Realization

Thanks to our advanced 3D printing technology, we are able to achieve high precision and ensure that sand molds and cores are dimensionally accurate. Whether it's a part with an extremely complex internal structure or a design with a unique geometry, we can handle it with ease and provide excellent quality assurance for your products.

Material quality and performance

We use high-quality sand materials that have been carefully selected and processed for their excellent resistance to heat, abrasion and compression. These high-quality materials not only ensure the stability of sand molds and cores during the casting process, but also significantly improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of castings.

Fast delivery

Traditional manufacturing methods often take weeks or even months to complete sand molds and cores. Our 3D printing service greatly reduces the production cycle, typically from design to delivery in just a few days, allowing you to bring your products to market faster and seize the opportunity.

Customized Services

Understanding that every customer's needs are unique, we offer a full range of customization services. Whether you need sand molds or cores of a specific size or shape, or have special performance requirements, our team of professionals can work closely with you to turn your design ideas into reality.

Service Areas

Automotive Manufacturing

In the field of automotive manufacturing, our 3D printed sand molds and cores are widely used in the casting of engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission cases and other key components. The realization of high precision and complex shapes helps improve automotive performance and reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Auto parts sand mold


We provide high-precision and lightweight sand molds and cores for the aerospace industry, which are used to manufacture the casting of aircraft engine blades, turbine disks, landing gears and other components. Strict quality control ensures product reliability and safety in extreme environments.

Aerospace sand mold

Energy Industry

In the energy sector, we help manufacture large-scale equipment such as wind turbines and gas turbines, where 3D printed sand molds and cores enable more optimal hydrodynamic design and improved energy conversion efficiency.

Energy Industry sand mold

General-purpose machinery

Covering a variety of general mechanical components, such as machine tool beds, compressor housings, pump bodies, etc.. We provide you with efficient and economical sand mold and sand core solutions to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

General purpose machinery sand mold
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Our Service Processes

1、Design Stage

  • We have a professional design team that can discuss product requirements with you and conduct detailed evaluation and optimization.
  • Using advanced CAD software and simulation analysis tools, we can virtually verify the design, identify potential problems in advance, and ensure that the printed sand molds and cores meet your expectations.

2、Printing Preparation

  • According to the design requirements, carefully select the appropriate sand material and carry out pre-treatment to ensure the performance and quality of the material.
  • Conduct a comprehensive inspection and debugging of the 3D printing equipment to ensure that the equipment is in the best working condition.

3、Printing process

  • Adopt advanced Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) or Binder Jet (BJ) technology to build up the sand material layer by layer and construct the 3D shape of sand mold and sand core.
  • Real-time monitoring of parameters during the printing process, such as temperature, speed, laser power, etc., ensures the stability and consistency of the print quality.


  • After printing, clean up the sand mold and sand core to remove excess sand material and support structure.
  • Curing treatment is carried out to improve the strength and stability of the sand mold and sand core.

Finally, through the strict inspection process, the size, shape and surface quality of the sand molds and cores are comprehensively tested to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Sand mold 3D printing process

We support two processes for sand mold 3D printing, one is SLS and the other is Binder jetting. the video below demonstrates the printing process of the Binder jetting process.

The Binder Jetting process offers a number of significant advantages, including fast and efficient production speeds, a wide range of material options, and suitability for batch production. Explore the binder jetting process.

Quality Control

Strict Inspection Standards

  • We follow international standards and industry norms and have established a strict quality inspection system. From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of final products, each step is subject to strict inspection and testing.
  • Advanced testing equipment and methods are used to accurately measure and evaluate the performance indicators of sand molds and sand cores.

Equipped with advanced testing equipment

  • Equipped with high-precision CMM, it can quickly and accurately measure the size and shape deviation of sand molds and sand cores to ensure that they meet the design requirements.
  • Industrial CT scanning equipment can carry out non-destructive testing of the internal structure and discover potential defects and problems in time.

Quality Assurance Commitment

We solemnly promise our customers that the sand molds and cores provided meet high quality standards. If any quality problem occurs during use, we will take timely measures to repair or replace them for you free of charge to ensure that your production will not be affected.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Customer Cases

Showing a selection of customer cases, we are honored to have been trusted by our customers. We will continue to deliver high quality sand molds and cores to our customers.

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