Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of working with AFS?

We provide rapid prototyping of high-quality finished parts through an integrated technology process based on "3D printing, casting, machining and inspection". We have nearly 30 years of experience in 3D printing services and 30 years of professional casting experience.

Technical advantages

  1. No need to open molds, obvious cost advantage for small batch production.
  2. Higher precision and better casting quality than traditional molds (using high mesh high silica sand, high casting surface finish, high precision of mold closing, low gas emission, good air permeability, less casting defects; using low-pressure process, high density of products).
  3. Short production cycle and high yield rate than the traditional casting process (less risk).
  4. Digital manufacturing, flexible modification of structure, eliminating a series of production problems caused by research and development to adjust the structure.
  5. Mature sand low-pressure casting process (aluminium alloy), solving thin-walled parts, complex cavities, and another defect-free casting.

What materials of products does AFS make?

 We can provide rapid prototype service for aluminum alloy, copper alloy, cast iron, cast steel, magnesium alloy, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, etc.

What kinds of manufacturing does AFS offer?

We can provide 3D printing, casting, machining and inspection.

What industries does AFS work with?

 It mainly serves in automobile, motorcycle, aerospace, ship pump and valve, machinery manufacturing, art casting, metal processing, etc.

Does AFS hold any quality certifications?

We hold dual certifications in GB/T 19001:2015 and ISO9001:2015.

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Longyuan AFS Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of 3D printing equipment and manufacturing services in China, providing high-quality R&D pilot production and rapid manufacturing services for small-lot, multi-species and complex structure metal products based on the integrated technology of "3D printing, casting, machining and inspection".

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