LaserCore 5300 Wax 3D Printer

A superior SLS wax model 3D printer that is reliable, cost-effective, sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The company's self-developed SLS wax 3D printer LaserCore-5300, relying on advanced Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology, is committed to providing efficient and accurate solutions for the investment casting (also called lost wax casting) industry.

If you are running a foundry or providing wax mold 3D printing service for users, this wax 3D printing equipment will be your best partner. It is deeply loved by customers for its stable performance, high precision and good price. Contact us for a quote now.

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SLS Wax 3d printer LaserCore 5300 2024

AFS's LaserCore 5300 Wax 3D Printer Features

Ultra High Speed Scanning

Fastest Scanning Speed 6m/s: The LaserCore-5300 features industry-leading scanning speeds, capable of scanning at 6 meters per second. This efficient scanning capability significantly reduces print time and increases productivity, meeting the needs of rapid prototyping and high-volume production.

High-precision molding

Maximum molding accuracy of ±0.1mm: The device is capable of achieving extremely high molding accuracy, ensuring that every printed part meets strict quality standards. Whether it is small geometric details or complex internal structures, the LaserCore-5300 can accurately render them. This high-precision molding capability makes it ideal for a wide range of applications in fields that require high-precision parts, such as jewelry manufacturing, medical devices and aerospace.

Excellent Printing Efficiency

Maximum Printing Efficiency of 400cm³/h: With a printing efficiency of 400 cubic centimeters per hour, the LaserCore-5300 significantly increases production speed. The efficient printing capability enables it to complete mass production in a shorter period of time, meeting customers' needs for fast delivery. Whether for prototyping or mass production, this device delivers superior performance.

Superior surface quality

High molding accuracy and excellent surface quality: The wax patterns printed by LaserCore-5300 are not only highly accurate, but also have excellent surface quality. The smooth surface reduces the need for subsequent machining and improves the final quality of the casting. This feature is particularly suitable for one-piece molding of thin-walled, complex structures, ensuring stability and consistency of parts during the casting process.

AFS's LaserCore 5300 3D Printer Parameters

Equipment model
Layer thickness
Equipment dimensions
Maximum scanning speed
Forming box
Resin sand/precision casting mold material/engineering plastics
Laser type
CO2 120W
Equipment weight
~2.5 t
Forming accuracy
±0.1mm(≤100mm) ±0.1%(>100mm)
Ambient temperature
Forming speed
Ambient humidity
Power supply

Why choose the AFS's LaserCore 5300 Wax 3D Printing Equipment?

This advanced SLS 3D printer has achieved a wide range of applications in a variety of fields including automotive, aerospace, construction machinery, marine, etc., providing strong support for innovation and production in a wide range of industries.

Excellent performance in multiple applications

  •  Jewelry manufacturing industry: In jewelry design and manufacturing, wax model 3D printers are able to quickly and accurately create intricate and detailed jewelry models. Designers are able to digitally create one-of-a-kind pieces, which are then printed directly into wax models for use in the subsequent casting process to create gold, silver or other precious metal jewelry. This technology greatly increases design freedom and shortens the time from design to finished product, while reducing the high cost and time consumption of traditional handmade wax molds.
  • Precision Casting (Lost Wax Casting): In the fields of aerospace, automobile manufacturing, precision machinery, etc., wax mold 3D printing technology is used to produce metal parts with complex internal structure and high precision requirements. By printing out precise wax molds and then going through the traditional lost wax casting process, lightweight, high-strength and complex castings such as engine parts, turbine blades, precision instrument components, etc. can be manufactured.
  • Artistic Creation and Sculpture: Artists and sculptors utilize wax model 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping of complex works of art. It allows creators to experiment with bolder and more elaborate designs while retaining the texture and artistry of handmade sculptures, providing an easy way to reproduce artwork in limited quantities.
  • Industrial Molds and Prototypes: For industries that require small production runs or customized products, wax 3D printing provides a fast, low-cost solution for making molds. It can quickly produce molds for injection, casting or other molding processes, which is ideal for prototype validation and small-scale trial production in the product development stage. 
Aircraft Engine Guide Wax Mold 3D Printing
3D printed wax models of industrial machinery parts

Unique advantages to lead the industry's future

High Precision Printing:
The LaserCore-5300 utilizes state-of-the-art laser sintering technology to achieve extremely high printing accuracy. Whether it's the details of tiny components or the complex structures of large parts, our 3D printers can handle it with ease, ensuring high-quality deliveries.

Multi-material compatibility:
This 3D printer of ours is compatible with a wide range of materials, including resin sand, precision casting mold materials, engineering plastics, and more. This means customers can choose the material that best suits their application for optimal performance as needed.

Fast production and flexible customization:
The LaserCore-5300 offers not only high-speed production, but also customization. From small-scale customization to high-volume production, our equipment responds quickly to customer needs and ensures timely delivery.

Project Examples

Chery clutch housing castings

Clutch Housing Casting

1. Project requirements

The customer needed to conduct road tests, which meant that the cast aluminum blanks had to perform well in real-world applications. In order to ensure the reliability and validity of the tests, the blanks needed to have not only excellent surface quality, but also good dimensional accuracy to ensure that they would be assembled and used without any problems.

2. The solution

Printing of wax patterns with PSB material and LaserCore-5300 equipment:

  • PSB material: This material has excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability and is suitable for high precision casting.
  • LaserCore-5300: With a scanning speed of up to 6 m/s and a molding accuracy of up to ±0.1 mm, this device is able to print complex wax patterns quickly and efficiently.

Gypsum-type investment casting:

  • Process advantage: The plaster investment casting process provides excellent surface quality while maintaining high precision. This process is particularly suitable for the manufacture of parts with complex structures and high precision requirements.

3. Project results

Delivery of 5 sets of cast aluminum blank parts within 25 days:

  • Time efficiency: By using advanced 3D printing technology and precision casting process, we were able to complete the entire production process, from design to delivery, in just 25 days, which greatly shortened the project cycle.

Excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy:

  • Surface quality: the surface of the cast aluminum blank parts is smooth, without a lot of subsequent processing, directly meet the high standard requirements of customers.
  • Dimensional accuracy: the dimensional accuracy of each blank part meets the expected standard, ensuring its perfect fit during assembly and use.

Application examples

Our metal manufacturing plant

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