high precision wax mold 3D printer: AFS 500

A high-performance additive manufacturing machine designed to meet the needs of one-piece molding of complex piping and fuel line construction products.

With its ultra-high scanning speed, high-precision molding, excellent printing efficiency and high-strength sand patterns, the AFS-500 is an ideal choice for various industries. Whether it's meeting high precision needs or realizing high volume production, the AFS-500 excels at the task. Contact us today to learn more about the AFS-500.

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High pricision wax 3d printer 2024

AFS-500 3D Printer Features

Ultra-high scanning speed

The AFS-500 has the fastest scanning speed of 6m/s, which makes it stand out in its class. High-speed scanning not only dramatically reduces printing time, but also increases productivity and enables rapid response to market demands. This feature makes it ideal for manufacturing companies that require efficient production.

High-precision molding

The machine is capable of achieving molding accuracy of up to ±0.1mm, ensuring that each printed part meets strict quality standards. Whether it's complex geometries or minute details, the AFS-500 renders them with precision. This high level of precision makes it ideal for a wide range of applications in fields such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing and complex industrial components.

Superior Printing Efficiency

The AFS-500 has a maximum printing efficiency of 400cm³/h, which significantly increases production speed. The efficient printing capability enables it to complete mass production in a shorter period of time, meeting customer demand for rapid delivery. Whether it is prototyping or mass production, this device provides excellent performance.

High strength sand and wax molds

The AFS-500 prints sand or wax molds with not only high precision, but also excellent strength for one-piece molding of complex piping and oil line structures. High-strength sand molds ensure that the casting process can withstand high temperatures and pressures, ensuring the quality and reliability of the final castings.

AFS-500  3D Printer Parameters

Equipment model
Equipment dimensions
Molding cylinder size
Approx. 2T
Layer Thickness
Printing Materials
Resin sand/precision molding material/engineering plastics, etc.

Why choose the AFS-500 3D printing equipment?

The AFS-500 is an industrial-grade, high-performance SLS wax-molded 3D printer designed to meet the high-precision and high-strength needs of complex parts. Its advanced printing technology and multi-material compatibility make it promising for a wide range of applications in aerospace, automotive, construction machinery and shipbuilding.

Excellent performance in multiple applications

The AFS-500 is capable of printing high-precision sand and wax molds for casting complex aerospace parts, such as turbine blades and combustion chambers, with high precision and strength to ensure that the parts are able to withstand extreme operating environments and improve fuel efficiency and performance through lightweight design.

Automotive Manufacturing
In the field of automotive manufacturing, sand and wax molds printed by AFS-500 are used for casting key components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads and turbochargers, as well as complex structural parts, to rapidly produce high-quality molds, shorten the production cycle, reduce the production cost, and improve the production efficiency.

Wax molds for engine shells
Wax molds for pumps and valves
Aircraft engine impellers
Wax molds for gearbox housings

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