AFS Lasercore 6000

Powerful, compatible with a wide range of materials, reliable stability, excellent user experience.

LaserCore 6000 is a versatile SLS 3D printing device designed to meet the needs of different industries, enabling fast and accurate printing. Whether it's complex geometries or detailed structures, LaserCore 6000 can accurately reproduce them and provide high-quality print results. In addition, the LaserCore 6000 has multi-material printing capabilities, supporting a wide range of materials including wax, sand and engineering plastics. Whether you need to print wax moulds in the foundry field or engineering plastic parts in the engineering field, LaserCore 6000 can meet your needs. At the same time, LaserCore 6000 focuses on user experience, making the operation of the device easier and more convenient through an intuitive interface and friendly software support. What's more, LaserCore 6000 is manufactured with high-quality components and advanced processes to ensure the reliability and stability of the device. It has the ability to run continuously for long periods of time and maintain consistent print quality and accuracy, providing users with long-lasting and reliable performance.

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SLS 3d printer LaserCore-6000

AFS's Lasercore 6000 3D Printer Features

High Stability

  • High-end configuration of core components, RF CO2 laser and scanning oscillator are international first-tier brands;
  • Built-in powder collection and smoke exhaust filtration system, clean and environmentally friendly operation;
  • Stable operation and low maintenance cost, many users have been operating stably for more than 10 years.

High molding accuracy

  • Advanced optical circuit system to ensure stable molding accuracy and speed;
  • Adopting servo motor + precision screw and closed-loop control system to ensure motion control accuracy;
  • Excellent performance wind field design to effectively remove smoke, dust and splash to ensure the quality of moulded parts;
  • Logging of the machining process and full process quality tracking to ensure steady improvement of machining quality;
  • Precise temperature field control helps to ensure the stability and consistency of the moulding quality.

Perfect process system

  • Equipped with mature and perfect process packages for sand and wax standard materials;
  • Multi-materials in one machine, sintering of fine casting mould materials, laminating sand, engineering plastics, etc;
  • Open source material processes, which can be adjusted to the user on demand;
  • Open process parameter setting authority for professional users, enabling rapid forming of multiple materials or complex structures. 

Intelligent system

  • Sintering process graph pre-setting for unattended processing;

  • Automatic temperature monitoring and control function with closed-loop temperature control via PID;

  • Realising real-time monitoring, recording and traceability of the entire processing process through intelligent systems such as visual monitoring and temperature monitoring;

  • With automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic protection of key devices;

  • With mobile phone APP remote monitoring function.

AFS's Lasercore 6000 3D Printer parameters

Equipment model
Forming speed
Laser type
CO2 RF 120W
Forming accuracy
±0.1mm(≤100mm) ±0.1%(>100mm)
Forming cylinder size
Machine weight
Approx. 3.5T
Machine body size
Floor loading requirements
Max. scanning speed
Ambient temperature
Forming material
Resin sand / fine casting mould material / engineering plastics etc.
Relative humidity
Forming layer thickness
Power requirements
380VAC/50Hz/30Kw three-phase five-wire

Why choose the AFS Lasercore 6000 3D printing equipment?

This advanced SLS 3D printer has achieved a wide range of applications in a variety of fields including automotive, aerospace, construction machinery, marine, etc., providing strong support for innovation and production in a wide range of industries.

Excellent performance in multiple applications

Applications in Automotive Manufacturing:
Revolutionising the automotive manufacturing industry, SLS 3D printers are now an indispensable tool in the automotive manufacturing process. Their unique capabilities make them the machine of choice for manufacturing wax and sand moulds. With the Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printer, automotive manufacturers are able to quickly print highly accurate wax moulds for casting complex shaped parts and assemblies. This high precision wax mould not only increases productivity, but also ensures the quality and accuracy of the part. In addition, the Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printer can also print sand moulds for sand casting, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in the casting process during automotive manufacturing. By reducing the time and costs associated with traditional manufacturing methods, the Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printer in automotive manufacturing gives manufacturers a significant competitive advantage.

Applications in Aerospace:
The aerospace industry has an extremely high demand for precision and lightweight parts, and the Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printer is ideally suited to meet these needs. By using SLS technology, aerospace manufacturers are able to print complex parts and assemblies without the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods.The Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printer can easily handle complex geometries and internal structures while maintaining a high level of part accuracy and quality. In addition, Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printers allow the use of lightweight materials, such as composites, for weight optimisation and performance enhancement of parts. This gives SLS 3D printers great potential for aerospace applications, driving faster, more flexible and efficient part manufacturing.

Applications in Construction Machinery and Shipbuilding:
The construction machinery and marine manufacturing industries have specific needs for large, durable and complex parts and assemblies, and by using Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printers, construction machinery and marine manufacturers are able to print highly durable and accurate parts to meet complex engineering requirements. the Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printers are also able to handle the printing of large parts The Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printer is also capable of handling the printing of large parts, reducing the assembly process and material waste required by traditional manufacturing methods. In addition, the Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printers can be used with abrasion- and corrosion-resistant materials for the harsh environments of construction machinery and marine vessels, where the Lasercore 6000 SLS 3D printers are used to bring higher productivity, faster product delivery and lower manufacturing costs.

AFS LaserCore 6000 Wax Mold Printing Example 2023
AFS LaserCore-6000 Sand model 3d Printing example

Unique advantages to lead the industry's future

Unrivalled print precision:
The LaserCore 6000 is a cutting-edge SLS 3D printer that achieves superior print accuracy thanks to state-of-the-art laser sintering technology. Whether you need intricate details for tiny components or complex structures for large parts, our 3D printers will effortlessly get the job done, ensuring impeccable quality and precision. Rest assured that you can produce high-quality, dimensionally accurate parts, ensuring that your products meet the most stringent delivery requirements.

Compatible with a wide range of materials:
The versatility of the AFS LaserCore 6000 is unrivalled as it is compatible with a wide range of materials. From resin sand and investment casting mould materials to engineering plastics and beyond, our printers offer a wide range of material options. This allows our valued customers to select the ideal material for your specific application, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. We offer unlimited possibilities for you to bring your creative vision to life.

Fast production and unlimited customisation:
Speed and flexibility are core benefits of the AFS LaserCore 6000. Our printers have a fast production capacity that delivers timely results without compromising quality. Whether you need small customisations or high volume production, our equipment can meet your needs quickly, enabling you to respond quickly to market demands. With the AFS LaserCore 6000, you can achieve faster time-to-market, seize new opportunities, and drive business growth.

The AFS LaserCore 6000 sets a new standard for high-precision printing, offering unrivalled accuracy, broad material compatibility, fast throughput and unwavering reliability. Whether you're in the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods or medical industries, our printers offer game-changing solutions to your production needs, enabling you to outperform your competitors in a dynamic market environment.

Choose the AFS LaserCore 6000 for a future of endless possibilities. Contact us today for a quote.

Project Examples

Wax type application: cylinder head


To participate as an exhibit in an automotive exhibition


  • Material Selection:
    Based on the requirements, we chose PSB material as the material for printing the wax moulds.PSB material has excellent combustion properties and thermal stability, which makes it suitable for applications in the foundry field. It can provide high-quality surface smoothness and precise detail reproduction, laying a solid foundation for the production of the final product.
  • Equipment selection:
    For efficient wax mould printing, we use the AFS LaserCore 6000 machine.
    The AFS LaserCore-6000 is an SLS 3D printer, which is widely used in the foundry field and is characterised by fast printing speeds and high accuracy. It guarantees the print quality and dimensional accuracy of wax moulds to meet the needs of various fields.
  • Process selection:
    We use the gypsum-based investment casting process to create samples of the final product. Gypsum investment casting is a commonly used casting process that guarantees the precision and surface quality of the product. By dipping the printed wax mould into plaster slurry and drying it, the wax mould is then melted at high temperature and injected with molten metal, resulting in a metal part with the desired shape and size.
  • Printing time and sample provision:
    The process of printing a wax mould using the AFS LaserCore 6000 3D printing machine takes 22 hours to complete. Once the wax mould has been printed, the investment casting process is carried out, so that the delivery of samples takes about 15 days. This ensured the quality and accuracy of the samples to meet the customer's time requirements for the automotive exhibition.

Evaluation of results:
By using the PSB material and the AFS LaserCore 6000 3D machine for wax mould printing, we obtained excellent surface quality and good dimensional accuracy. This means that the final metal part will have an excellent appearance and precise dimensions in accordance with the design requirements. Our solution not only meets the needs of automotive exhibitions, but also provides high-quality product samples that demonstrate our customer's technology and manufacturing capabilities.


3d printed Cylinder head wax mould
Firstly, a wax model of the cylinder head was printed with LaserCore 6000
Cylinder head finished parts
Finished parts by investment casting process
Clutch housing wax mould
Wax model of a clutch housing printed by a LaserCore 6000 3D printer
Clutch Housing Finished Parts
The final finished part is manufactured by investment casting

Wax application: Clutch housing


Conduct a road test


  • Material Selection:
    According to the requirements, we choose PSB material as the material for printing wax moulds, which can provide high-quality surface smoothness and precise detail reproduction, laying a solid foundation for the final product.
  • Equipment selection:
    For efficient wax mould printing, we use the LaserCore 6000 machine, an SLS 3D printer designed for casting applications. It has high precision and stability to ensure the print quality and dimensional accuracy of the wax moulds to meet the needs of road testing.
  • Process Options:
    We use gypsum-based investment investment precision casting process to produce the aluminium billet for the final product. Plaster investment casting is a commonly used casting process to ensure the precision and surface quality of the product. By immersing the printed wax moulds in gypsum slurry and drying them, then melting the wax moulds at high temperatures and injecting them with molten metal, we end up with cast aluminium billets with the desired shapes and sizes.
  • Delivery time and quantity:
    On request, we will deliver 5 sets of cast aluminium billets within 25 days. This ensures timely delivery and takes into account the time required for road testing. We will ensure that each set of aluminium billets will have excellent surface quality and good dimensional accuracy to meet your road test requirements.

Results Evaluation:
By using PSB material and LaserCore 6000 equipment for wax mould printing and gypsum type investment precision casting process, we have successfully delivered 5 sets of cast aluminium billets with excellent surface quality and good dimensional accuracy. This means that the final aluminium billets will have a high quality appearance and precise dimensions that meet the design requirements. Our solution not only meets the needs of road testing, but also provides high-quality cast aluminium billets, demonstrating the company's technology and manufacturing capabilities in the field of casting.

Application examples

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