AFS J2100

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A 3D sand mold printer is an advanced additive manufacturing equipment that operates on the principle of inkjet technology. It injects binder onto a specialized sand and hardener mixing platform. The binder mixes with the sand particles and is solidified layer by layer to form a three-dimensional structure, ultimately creating a complete sand mold. The core concept of this technology involves spraying binder onto sand grains at each layer and then using a hardener to solidify them, gradually constructing complex geometric shapes.
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AFS J2100 update

Equipment Features

High reliability

  • High-end configuration of core components to ensure stable and reliable equipment with low post-maintenance costs;
  • Having nozzle internal circulation and automatic cleaning function, which is not easily clogged by adhesives;
  • The orbital forming cylinder is automatically pushed out with one key, and the parts are picked up outside the machine to realize the equipment's non-stop assembly line cycle operation.

High forming accuracy

  • Equipped with 6*1024 high-throughput industrial printheads of international first-tier brands, which can realize efficient and high-precision printing;

  • Adopting servo motor + precision screw and closed-loop control system to ensure motion control accuracy;

  • Processing process logging and whole process quality tracking to ensure steady improvement of processing quality.

Perfect process system

  • Equipped with mature and perfect process packages for various special abrasives and adhesives;
  • One machine with multiple materials for forming quartz sand, vitrified sand, etc;
  • Open-source material processes that can be adjusted to the user on demand.

Intelligent system

  • Realisation of one-touch printing;
  • The equipment can work unattended with a print warning prompt function;
  • With online preview of print data and print time estimation function;
  • Realising real-time monitoring, recording and traceability of the entire processing process through intelligent systems
  • such as visual monitoring;
  • With automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic protection function of key devices.

AFS J2100's parameters

Machine type:
Forming speed:
Machine body size
Forming thickness
Forming cylinder size
Nozzle resolution
Max. forming size
Forming accuracy
±0.3mm(≤300mm) ±0.5mm(>300mm)
Number of printheads
Gas generation
Tensile strength
1.5-2.5 MPa
Ground load requirement
≥5 tons/㎡
Data format
Ambient humidity
Machine weight
Approx. 25T
Bonding materials
furan resin
Forming material
Quartz sand/vitrified sand etc.
Power requirements
380VAC/50Hz/25Kw three-phase five-wire
Ambient temperature

Why choose the AFS 2100 3D sand mold printing equipment?

3D sand mold printers represent the digitalization, flexibility, and high-efficiency trends in modern manufacturing. They not only improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs but also bring more opportunities for innovation and development in the manufacturing industry.

3D sand printers have many advantages

Compared to traditional sand mold manufacturing methods, 3D sand mold printers offer several advantages. Firstly, they enable the production of highly precise sand molds with intricate details, enhancing production efficiency. Secondly, due to the layer-by-layer construction, it becomes easier to manufacture internal complex structures, which might be challenging or even impossible using conventional sand mold processes. Additionally, 3D sand mold printers boast high material utilization rates, reducing waste, as only the necessary sand powder is used, minimizing material wastage.

Sand 3D printer in foundries

has been widely used in the foundry industry

Manufacturers can rapidly and flexibly produce castings of various scales and complexities using 3D sand mold printers. Whether for small-batch production or custom manufacturing, the technology can meet diverse needs. Moreover, it provides designers and engineers with greater creative freedom, allowing them to design more intricate and lightweight structures, thus enhancing product performance. Furthermore, due to the flexibility of 3D sand mold printing technology, designs can be quickly modified as per requirements, shortening the product development cycle.Learn about sand 3D printers in manufacturing.

Sand 3D printers in foundries

Application examples

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