3DPTEK J1600 Pro(Binder jetting)

Industrial 3D Printer

The best sand printing solution to infuse your business with unprecedented innovation.

Forming thickness


Number of printheads


Nozzle resolution


Max. forming size

Master the key to future manufacturing. We provide outstanding 3D sand mold printing solutions for foundries, enhancing production efficiency, reducing costs, and effortlessly handling complex structures. Achieve unparalleled design flexibility. AFS J1600 Pro propels your foundry business to new heights.

This 3D sand mold printer is mainly used in the foundry industry. In the casting field, sand molds are a commonly used mold for manufacturing metal parts and products. While traditional sand mold manufacturing methods usually require the creation of molds, 3D sand printers can greatly simplify the manufacturing process and increase productivity by directly manufacturing complex shapes by stacking sand particles layer by layer and spraying binder. This technology has revolutionized manufacturing by enabling foundries to produce cast parts of all sizes and complexities more quickly and flexibly.
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Binder jetting sand 3d printer-3DPTEK-J1600Pro

3DPTEK-J1600 Pro sand 3d printer

3DPTEK-J1600 Pro Sand 3D Printer Features

High reliability

  • High-end configuration of core components to ensure stable and reliable equipment with low post-maintenance costs;
  • Having nozzle internal circulation and automatic cleaning function, which is not easily clogged by adhesives;
  • The orbital forming cylinder is automatically pushed out with one key, and the parts are picked up outside the machine to realize the equipment's non-stop assembly line cycle operation.

High forming accuracy

  • Equipped with 6*1024 high-throughput industrial printheads of international first-tier brands, which can realize efficient and high-precision printing;

  • Adopting servo motor + precision screw and closed-loop control system to ensure motion control accuracy;

  • Processing process logging and whole process quality tracking to ensure steady improvement of processing quality.

Perfect process system

  • Equipped with mature and perfect process packages for various special abrasives and adhesives;
  • One machine with multiple materials for forming quartz sand, vitrified sand, etc;
  • Open-source material processes that can be adjusted to the user on demand.

Intelligent system

  • Realisation of one-touch printing;
  • The equipment can work unattended with a print warning prompt function;
  • With online preview of print data and print time estimation function;
  • Realising real-time monitoring, recording and traceability of the entire processing process through intelligent systems
  • such as visual monitoring;
  • With automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic protection function of key devices.

3DPTEK-J1600 Pro's Parameters

Machine type
Forming speed
Machine body size
Forming thickness
0.2-0.5 mm
Forming cylinder size
Nozzle resolution
Max. forming size
Forming accuracy
±0.3mm(≤300mm) ±0.5mm(>300mm)
Number of printheads
Gas generation
Tensile strength
Ground load requirement
Data format
Ambient humidity
Machine weight
Approx. 6.0T
Bonding materials
Furane resins
Forming material
Quartz sand/vitrified sand etc.
Power requirements
380VAC/50Hz/15Kw three-phase five-wire
Ambient temperature
3DPTEK-J1600 Pro Binder jetting Sand 3D Printer Technical Documentation Download

AFS Materials For Sand 3d Printing Technology

AFS sand 3d printing technology, also known as Binder Jetting, is an advanced additive manufacturing technique used for creating intricate sand molds and cores employed in metal casting processes. This technology utilizes a high-resolution inkjet printhead to selectively deposit a liquid binding agent onto layers of sand particles, solidifying them and bonding them together. The process is repeated layer by layer until the desired shape is formed. This innovative approach offers numerous advantages, including the ability to produce complex geometries, reduce lead times, optimize part designs, and minimize material waste. 3DP Sand (Binder Jetting) technology revolutionizes the foundry industry by enabling faster and more cost-effective production of metal components.

Binder jetting process

AFS Sand Materials

Introducing AFS Sand Materials, Ceramic and Silica Sands, the perfect solution for 3D printing applications. Engineered to perfection, our sands offer exceptional flowability, high heat resistance, and excellent dimensional stability.

With precise particle size distribution and superior quality, AFS 3DP Sands ensure optimal printing results, enabling intricate designs and precise details. Experience enhanced accuracy and reliability in your 3D printing projects with our premium Ceramic and Silica Sands. Choose AFS for the finest sands that deliver unmatched performance and impeccable results.

binder jetting sand 3d printing
AFS Sand Materials
NameTypeParticle size
CS-01MCeramic sand100/140 mesh
CS-01M+100/200 mesh
SC-01320 mesh
HS-01FSilica sand100/200 mesh
HS-01M70/140 mesh
HS-01M+100/140 mesh
XS-01M100/140 mesh
AFS 3DP Binder
HardnessGas emission

CustomizedUp to 3.5/≥ 8.0≥ 2.0

AFS Binder Materials

AFS 3DP Binder production line is the game-changer for sand mold applications. Our advanced binders offer exceptional bonding strength, improved mold integrity, and easy removal, ensuring flawless casting results. With AFS Binders, experience efficient and reliable sand mold production, delivering superior quality and precision in your casting processes. Elevate your sand mold applications with AFS, the ultimate choice for excellence in 3D printing binders.
AFS provide for Customers a line of high-performance resin binders, curing agents, and cleaning agents, which have the best molding quality and stability with the original standard sand materials.
At the same time, it provides open source sand material process solutions to users across the country, and actively optimizes the cost for end users.

AFS Binders
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Accelerate your manufacturing transformation and choose our 3D printers! As a leader in the development and production of industrial 3D printers, we specialise in providing state-of-the-art solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Why choose the AFS J1600 Pro 3D sand mold printing equipment?

Choosing this sand 3D printer means choosing an efficient, accurate and environmentally friendly manufacturing solution to help you take your manufacturing business to the next level.Also, we've done a roundup of sand 3D printers, click here to learn more.

3D sand printers have many advantages

Sand 3D printing technology has multiple advantages over traditional casting methods. It can quickly manufacture complex internal and external structures of castings, reducing the time required for traditional mold manufacturing and increasing production efficiency.

At the same time, 3D printing technology supports customized production, eliminating the need for specific molds, providing flexibility for small-batch and personalized manufacturing. By using sand powder on-demand, it reduces material wastage and increases material utilization.

Additionally, 3D printing technology can rapidly produce product prototypes, facilitating design validation. Despite the higher initial investment, 3D sand printing technology brings long-term cost savings by reducing costs associated with molds, inventory, and logistics.

In summary, 3D sand printing machines have distinct advantages in casting mold manufacturing, offering faster, more flexible, and more precise manufacturing solutions, thereby driving innovation and efficiency improvements in the casting industry.

Sand molds printed by sand 3D printer

Has been widely used in the foundry industry

Currently, this sand 3D printer (AFS J1600 Pro) has been widely used in major foundries around the world, revolutionizing the foundry industry. Typical applications are as follows:

Automotive: Many automakers use 3D sand printing to create engine parts, steering components, and other key components. This technology enables the rapid manufacture of complex structural components, improving the efficiency and flexibility of automotive production.

Aerospace: Aerospace requires high precision and lightweight components, and 3D sand printing technology can create lightweight aerospace components with complex internal structures, improving aircraft performance and fuel efficiency.

Customized production: 3D sand printing technology for all sizes of foundries to provide the ability to customize production, without the need for expensive molds, according to customer demand to quickly create a specific shape and structure of the casting parts, suitable for small batch production and personalized customization.

3D Sand Printer in Foundry

Application examples

Our metal manufacturing plant

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Ready to transform your foundry into an innovative powerhouse? Don't miss out on the future of casting technology. Contact us today to learn how our Sand 3D Printer can be tailored to meet your foundry's unique needs. Elevate your casting capabilities and stay ahead of the competition. Your success starts here!

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