3DPTEK J4000

Large sand 3D printer to meet the large size sand mould and sand core manufacturing.

The latest addition to the range of large industrial 3D printers, with print sizes up to 4 metres (6, 8 and 10 metres can be customised), this machine will be a powerful tool for users in all industries to increase productivity and competitiveness. Contact us today to find out more about this revolutionary machine and start your journey into oversized sand moulding.


Equipment Features

A revolutionary machine that breaks through the traditional size limitations

This machine breaks through the traditional size limitations of processing, and can form sand moulds up to 4 metres. Its innovative boxless flexible zone moulding technology breaks the phenomenon that the larger the moulding size, the more the price of the equipment skyrockets, making it possible for a 4m or larger machine to be priced at the same level as a 2.5m machine. This technological innovation not only reduces equipment costs, but also provides users with greater freedom of design and manufacturing.

Cost-effective manufacture of oversized sand moulds

The machine is renowned for its economy and flexibility, enabling the cost-effective manufacture of oversized sand moulds at lower unit costs and shorter lead times. Whether it's for large castings or complex geometries, this machine delivers outstanding performance to meet every need.

On-demand customisation for diverse production needs

The machine also supports a customisable extended print platform that can be used for production from 10 metres upwards. Currently, the 6m, 8m and 10m units are available for pre-order. This on-demand capability allows users to flexibly scale production to meet specific needs, maximising productivity and resource utilisation.

Ideal for increasing productivity

This machine is not only a technological breakthrough, but also offers users significant advantages in terms of economy and flexibility. By reducing equipment costs and lead times, it helps users achieve higher productivity and lower production costs. Whether it's aerospace, automotive, construction and industrial manufacturing, this equipment is ideal for increasing productivity.

3DPTEK J4000's parameters

Equipment Type
Equipment Dimensions
Forming Cylinder Size
Printhead Resolution
Layer Thickness
Approx. 45T
Printing Materials
Quartz sand / Ceramic sand, etc.

Application examples

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