3DPTEK J1800

A cost-effective 3D printer for sand moulds, suitable for large-size, small and medium batch sand mould manufacturing

High-speed printing, high-precision moulding, large-size moulding capability and intelligent algorithm technology make it an ideal choice for large-size and small- to medium-lot sand mould production. These advantages not only significantly improve productivity and moulding quality, but also provide users with greater design and manufacturing freedom to meet a variety of industrial applications. Choose 3DPTEK-J1800 to help you stand out in the competitive market.

Binder jetting sand 3D printer: 3DPTEK-J1800

Equipment Features

High-speed printing and efficient production

Adopting the latest generation of high-speed vibration powder spreading technology (HSVC 9.0 Silent) makes the printing speed as fast as 15 seconds/layer, and the maximum printing efficiency can reach 153 litres/hour.
This advantage significantly improves the production efficiency, can quickly respond to market demand, shorten the production cycle, especially suitable for mass production and urgent order processing.

High precision and quality moulding

The highest moulding accuracy is up to ±0.3mm, which ensures the high quality and consistency of the sand mould.
High-precision moulding technology enables the 3DPTEK-J1800 to meet the manufacturing needs of complex geometries and high-precision parts for demanding industrial applications such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing.

Large size and heavy duty moulding capability

Maximum moulding weight ≥ 1.3 tonnes, capable of printing large-size and heavy-duty sand moulds.
This feature makes 3DPTEK-J1800 excellent in manufacturing large castings and complex parts, suitable for the production of large industrial parts such as engine blocks and turbine housings to meet the needs of a variety of industrial applications.

Intelligent Algorithm and Easy Operation

Intelligent algorithm technology automatically optimises printing parameters and simplifies the operation process, making the operation of the equipment simpler and more efficient.
Through the application of intelligent algorithms, users can easily achieve high-precision and high-quality printing results, reduce human error and reduce the difficulty of operation. Even non-professional operators can get started quickly, greatly improving production flexibility and efficiency.

3DPTEK J1800's parameters

Equipment Type
Equipment Dimensions
Forming Cylinder Size
Max. forming size
Printhead Resolution
Layer Thickness
Approx. 13T
Printing Materials
Quartz sand / Ceramic sand, etc.

Example of sand moulds 3D printed for casting

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