Realizing multi-dimensional additive manufacturing with gradient materials.

Based on the principles of high-performance continuous gradient alloy near-net shaping technology, our company has developed the AFS-M120XT selective laser melting gradient metal printing equipment. This device enables precise control of material gradients in both horizontal and vertical directions. Utilizing a vertical multi-powder feeder interlayer gradient supply/spreading system, it can achieve alternating deposition of different powders, enabling multi-dimensional additive manufacturing of ternary and higher-order gradient materials.

AFS-M120TX metal 3d printer 2024

Equipment Features

Horizontal/Vertical Gradient Functionality

The AFS-M120XT is capable of achieving material gradient changes in both horizontal and vertical directions. This functionality is particularly suitable for the research and development of composite metal materials. By precisely controlling material gradients, researchers can explore the properties of different material combinations, optimize material performance, and drive innovation and applications in new materials.

Multi-Material Continuous Gradient Powder Supply System

The device is equipped with an advanced powder supply system that can achieve continuous and precise gradient powder supply for two or more types of metal materials. Whether dealing with simple dual-material systems or complex multi-material combinations, the AFS-M120XT ensures uniform distribution and stable supply of different materials during the printing process through its vertical multi-powder feeder interlayer gradient supply/spreading system.

Process Simplification and Material Savings

The AFS-M120XT features gradient changes in both horizontal and vertical directions, significantly reducing process complexity, saving powder materials, and enhancing research and development efficiency. By minimizing the cumbersome steps and material waste associated with traditional processes, the device not only improves production efficiency but also reduces production costs, providing higher economic benefits for enterprises.

High-Precision Forming and Customizable Manufacturing

The AFS-M120XT achieves high-precision forming, ensuring that each printed part meets stringent quality standards. The device also has the capability to macroscopically mark the gradient proportions on the manufacturing materials, facilitating quality control and performance evaluation. Additionally, by modifying the powder storage mechanism, users can achieve customizable gradient alloy manufacturing with variable proportions, meeting specific application needs and providing highly customized solutions.

AFS M120XT's Parameters

Gradient function
Horizontal gradient + vertical gradient
Equipment Dimensions
1532×1390×1830 mm
Molding cylinder size
120×120×150 mm
Approx. 1.5T
Maximum scanning speed
Molding speed
Layer Thickness
Molding accuracy
±0.1 mm/100mm
Printing Materials
Stainless steel/titanium alloy/ aluminum alloy/mold steel/ cobalt-chromium alloy/ nickel-based alloy, etc.
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