This equipment can realize the continuous gradient change of multiple powder materials along the X-axis direction.

Based on the principle of high-performance continuous gradient alloy near net forming technology, the company has developed and launched the selective laser melting gradient metal printing equipment AFS-M120X, which can realize the continuous gradient change of two (or more) kinds of powder materials along the X-axis direction, and obtain the continuous and dense metal gradient materials through selective laser melting, which is especially suitable for the research and development of the properties of composite metal materials.

AFS-M120X Gradient Metal 3D Printer

Equipment Features

High-performance continuous gradient alloy forming

AFS-M120X adopts the high-performance continuous gradient alloy near-net forming technology, which is capable of realizing the continuous gradient change of two or more powder materials along the X-axis direction, while remaining unchanged in the Y-axis and Z-axis direction. Through laser selective melting technology, the machine is able to produce continuous dense metal gradient materials to meet the needs of different material properties. This technology is especially suitable for the research and development of the properties of composite metal materials, which promotes the progress of material science.

Precise powder supply system

The equipment is equipped with an advanced powder supply system, which is capable of realizing the continuous gradient accurate powder supply of two or more kinds of metal materials. The precise control of the powder supply system ensures the uniform distribution of materials during the printing process, improving the quality and consistency of the printed parts. By varying the powder storage mechanism, users can achieve customized scale-varying gradient alloy manufacturing to meet the needs of specific applications.

Horizontal Gradient Function

The AFS-M120X is equipped with a horizontal gradient change function, which enables the gradient change of two materials in the horizontal direction to prepare two-phase gradient materials with full scale change. This function not only reduces the complexity of the process, but also saves powder raw materials and improves R&D efficiency. The horizontal gradient function makes the equipment more flexible and efficient in manufacturing complex metal parts.

High molding accuracy

The device has high molding accuracy and is able to macroscopically mark the gradient ratio on the manufacturing material. This feature ensures high quality and strength of the printed parts, and is suitable for manufacturing a wide range of metal materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, die steel, cobalt-chromium alloy, and nickel-based alloy. The high molding accuracy makes the AFS-M120X widely applicable in demanding industries such as aerospace, medical devices, and automotive manufacturing.

AFS M120X's Parameters

Gradient function
Horizontal gradient
Equipment Dimensions
1532×1390×1830 mm
Molding cylinder size
120×120×150 mm
Approx. 1.5T
Maximum scanning speed
Molding speed
Layer Thickness
Molding accuracy
±0.1 mm/100mm
Printing Materials
Stainless steel/titanium alloy/ aluminum alloy/mold steel/ cobalt-chromium alloy/ nickel-based alloy, etc.
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Immediately enhance your manufacturing and R&D capabilities with the AFS-M120X Gradient Metal 3D Printer. This device provides you with unmatched print accuracy and productivity through high-performance continuous gradient alloy forming technology and a precise powder feed system. Whether you're engaged in researching the properties of composite metal materials or need to manufacture high-strength, high-precision metal parts, the AFS-M120X can meet your needs.

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