AFS M120

Fast printing speed, high molding accuracy, high productivity, and many compatible materials

The AFS-M120 is the company's self-developed SLM (Selective Laser Melting) metal 3D printer, designed to meet the manufacturing needs of high-precision and high-strength metal parts. This device integrates advanced technology and innovative design to achieve superior print performance across multiple industries.

AFS-M120 metal 3d printer

Equipment Features

Ultra-high scanning speed

The AFS-M120 features the fastest scanning speed of 6m/s, making it stand out from similar devices. High-speed scanning not only dramatically reduces printing time, but also increases productivity and the ability to respond quickly to market demands. This feature makes it ideal for manufacturing companies that require efficient production.

High-precision molding

The machine is capable of achieving molding accuracy of up to ±0.1mm, ensuring that each printed part meets strict quality standards. Whether it's complex geometries or minute details, the AFS-M120 renders them with precision. This high level of precision gives it a wide range of applications in fields such as aerospace, medical devices and high-end manufacturing.

Superior Printing Efficiency

The AFS-M120 has a maximum printing efficiency of up to 20cm³/h, which significantly increases production speed. The efficient printing capability enables it to complete mass production in a shorter period of time, meeting customers' needs for rapid delivery. Whether for prototyping or mass production, this device delivers excellent performance.

Multi-material compatibility and high-strength finished products

The AFS-M120 supports the printing of a wide range of metal materials, including stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, die steel, cobalt-chromium alloy and nickel-based alloy. The finished metal parts printed are not only highly accurate, but also have excellent strength, making them suitable for a variety of demanding applications. This multi-material compatibility and high-strength finished products make it a potential for a wide range of applications in multiple industries.

AFS M120's parameters

Equipment Dimensions
1532×1390×1830 mm
Molding cylinder size
120×120×150 mm
Approx. 1.5T
Layer Thickness
Printing Materials
Stainless Steel / Titanium Alloy / Aluminum Alloy / Die Steel / Cobalt Chromium Alloy / Nickel Base Alloy, etc.
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Metal 3D Printing Process

A complete video demonstration gives you a comprehensive look at the full process of metal 3D printing. From printing, wire cutting, powder cleaning, sanding to sandblasting, every step is critical to ensure high quality and performance in the final product. Whether it's industrial manufacturing, medical devices or aerospace, metal 3D printing technology is driving innovation and growth across industries. Watch the video today for an in-depth look at this revolutionary manufacturing technology.

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Enhance your manufacturing capabilities and choose the AFS-M120 SLM metal 3D printer. This device offers you unparalleled production advantages with its ultra-high scanning speeds, high-precision molding, and superior print efficiency. Whether you're in aerospace or high-end manufacturing, the AFS-M120 will meet your exacting requirements. Contact us today to learn more about the AFS M120 and make the AFS M120 your manufacturing tool that will help you stand out in a competitive marketplace, drive innovation and create more business value.

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