This is a high-end, metal binder jetting 3D printer for high volume production

A binder jet metal 3D printing machine with mass production capability for the MIM, mold and tooling industries. Favored by customers for its fast printing speed, high precision, and high cost performance!

Suitable for large size, small and medium batch sand mold production, suitable for the R&D and manufacturing of prototype parts as well as the production of small and medium batch castings.

Meal Binder jetting 3d Printer: 3DPTEK-J400P

Equipment Features

High Accuracy and Resolution

The 3DPTEK-J400P machine is capable of printing with an accuracy of up to ±0.1mm and a resolution of 1200 DPI. This means that it is capable of producing extremely detailed and precise parts, meeting the demand for high-precision parts in industries such as MIM (Metal Injection Molding), molds and tooling. Whether it's complex geometries or tiny details, this device can render them perfectly.

Efficient production capacity

With a print speed of up to 3.6L/h and 67% density of green blanks, the machine significantly improves productivity. The high print speed enables high volume production in a short period of time, while the high greenfield density ensures excellent strength and structural integrity of the printed part during subsequent sintering. This is important for manufacturing companies that need to respond quickly to market demands.

Innovative top-feeding powder single-cylinder structure

The 3DPTEK-J400P utilizes the latest top-feeding single-cylinder structure, equipped with the V+ Precision Powder Drop System and Double Roller Composite High Density Powder Spreading System. These advanced technologies ensure even distribution of powder materials and high density spreading during the printing process, thus improving the quality and consistency of printed parts. Whether it is metal powder or other materials, this innovative structure can achieve the best printing results.

Ease of operation and flexibility

Designed with a focus on user experience, the device is equipped with automatic printhead cleaning and a built-in air purification system for easy and quick operation. In addition, the 3DPTEK-J400P has the flexibility to change powder materials and binder inks to suit different production needs. This flexibility allows it to operate efficiently in a variety of manufacturing environments and meet the diverse needs of different industries.

3DPTEK J400P's Parameters

Equipment Dimensions
Molding cylinder size
Approx. 2.5T
Printhead Resolution
400×400dpi /800×800dpi/ 1200×1200dpi
Layer Thickness
Printing Materials
304/316L/ Copper Alloy / High Temperature Alloy / Titanium Alloy / Tungsten Alloy / Silicon Carbide etc.
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Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printing Samples

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