High printing accuracy, high speed, and a wide range of compatible materials

The 3DPTEK-J160R is a high-performance binder jet metal 3D printer designed for universities, research institutes and corporate R&D organisations. This device is ideal for scientific research and development with its excellent print accuracy, resolution and print speed.

Metal Binder jetting 3D printer J160R

Equipment Features

High Accuracy Printing

Advantage: 3DPTEK-J160R has a maximum printing accuracy of ±0.1mm, ensuring that the printed metal parts have extremely high dimensional accuracy and consistency.Suitable for research projects and product development that require high precision, such as precision mechanical components, parts with complex geometry and functional prototypes.

Ultra High Resolution

With a resolution of up to 1200 DPI, the device is capable of achieving fine surface details and complex internal structures.For applications requiring high resolution, such as microstructures, complex design verification and high-precision research prototyping.

Fast printing speed

The 3DPTEK-J160R features a print speed of 165 cc/h, which significantly improves printing efficiency and shortens project development cycles.Suitable for R&D projects and small batch production that require quick turnaround, able to respond quickly to market demand and research progress.

High green density

The device is capable of achieving 67% green billet densities, ensuring that printed parts have good strength and density during the subsequent sintering process. Ideal for applications requiring high density and strength, such as functional prototyping, mechanical components and engineering materials research.

3DPTEK J160R's parameters

Equipment Dimensions
Max. forming size
Approx. 0.65T
Printhead Resolution
400×400dpi /800×800dpi/ 1200×1200dpi
Layer Thickness
Printing Materials
304/316L / Copper alloy / High temperature alloy / Titanium alloy / Tungsten alloy, etc.
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Metal Binder Jetting 3D Printing Samples

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Enhance your research and development capabilities today with the 3DPTEK-J160R binder jet metal 3D printer. Whether you are a researcher at a university, an experimentalist at a research institute, or an engineer at a corporate R&D organisation, this high-performance device will meet your high-precision, high-resolution, and fast-printing needs. Contact us today to learn more about the 3DPTEK-J160R and to schedule a demonstration of the device. Let the 3DPTEK-J160R be a powerful enabler for your research projects and product development, driving innovation and breakthroughs.

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