Explore the excellent advantages of investment casting

July 11, 2024

In the bright starry sky of modern manufacturing, investment casting is like a dazzling star, with its unique technology and significant advantages, contributing indispensable power for precision manufacturing in various fields. Today, let us together in-depth exploration of the advantages of investment casting.

The perfect combination of high precision and complex shape

Investment casting is known for its amazing precision, generally up to CT4-6 (sand casting for CT10-13, die casting for CT5-7). It can easily create parts with complex shapes, and those tiny holes, thin-walled structures and complex cavities are no longer a problem in front of the investment casting process. This high-precision and complex shape molding ability, so that the manufactured castings almost without subsequent extensive processing, can directly meet the design requirements.

Complex structure of engine head
3D Printed Wax Model: Complex Engine Head

Outstanding surface quality

When we talk about investment casting products, the smoothness of its surface is amazing, generally up to Ra.1.6 ~ 3.2 μm. casting surface as if carefully polished, clean and delicate, not only beautiful, more importantly, greatly reduces the subsequent processing procedures and costs, very often only need to stay in the parts on the requirements of the parts with a little machining allowance can be, and even some castings only stay grinding, polishing allowance, can be used without machining. No need for mechanical processing can be used.

This shows that the use of investment casting method can save a lot of machine tools and equipment and processing time, substantial savings in metal raw materials, which means higher production efficiency and lower total cost.

Wide material adaptability

Investment casting in the choice of material shows a great inclusiveness. Whether it is high temperature alloys, stainless steel, or titanium alloys and other high-performance alloy materials, can be perfectly molded in this process. This provides flexible and diverse solutions for the special needs of different industries for materials.

Highly reproducible

Consistency is crucial in mass production, especially after the introduction of the wax mold 3D printer, the printed wax molds can be highly consistent in terms of precision, size and surface finish, and are no longer affected by human factors. Here are two of our wax 3D printers for investment casting:

3D printing wax mold case show

Die casting ensures a high degree of consistency from batch to batch thanks to its sophisticated mold making process. No matter how many quantities, the quality is always the same, providing a solid guarantee for the stable production and product quality of the enterprise.

Reduce machining allowance, save cost and time

Due to the high precision and excellent molding ability of investment casting, the machining allowance of castings is greatly reduced. This not only reduces the cost of subsequent machining, but also significantly shortens the production cycle, so that the product can be faster to the market and seize the first opportunity.

Economic feasibility of small batch production

For small batch production needs, investment casting also performs well. Compared with some other casting methods in small batch production cost is too high, investment casting can guarantee the quality of the premise, to provide a relatively reasonable cost program, to meet the market diversification of production needs.

Excellent mechanical properties

The parts produced through the investment casting process often have excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. This makes them show excellent reliability and durability when subjected to a variety of complex stresses and working environments, providing reliable technical support for the manufacture of key components.

In summary, investment casting occupies an important position in modern manufacturing industry with its advantages of high precision, complex shape molding, good surface quality, wide material adaptability, good repeatability, reduced machining allowance, suitable for small batch production and excellent mechanical properties.

With the continuous progress and innovation of technology, I believe that investment casting will continue to play its unique advantages, bring us more and more high-quality products, and promote the manufacturing industry to a higher level of development.

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