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The manufacturing of 3C products has high requirements for surface quality, flatness of parts, and dimensional accuracy. In addition, the demand for products is large, and it needs to meet the requirements of automated production and low cost. Based on the above characteristics, at present, two main technological processes, SLM (Selective Laser Melting) and BJ (Binder Jetting), can be used for the manufacturing of 3C electronic components. Among them, the SLM process has the characteristics of high precision, high complexity, and high density, while the BJ process has excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy, high efficiency, and large out put.

3D printed Apple Watch case

The use of 3D printing technology in smartphones and watches can achieve high strength and lightweightness of products, while optimizing production time and reducing production costs.

hearing aids

Using AFS's SLM to print titanium-aluminum alloy layered composite mobile phone frames can improve the interfacial strength by 40% compared to traditional rolling processes. Customized in-ear hearing aids printed by AFS's SLM have titanium alloy shells with an ultimate wall thickness of 0.15mm, which are lightweight, invisible, 15 times stronger and more impact-resistant, safe, and non-allergenic.


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