Longyuan AFS Development and Successful Delivery of BJ Binder Injection Ceramic Printing Equipment AFS-J380

March 27, 2023

In December 2022, Longyuan AFS, as a Chinese 3D printing equipment service provider, successfully delivered its self-developed BJ binder jet ceramic printing device AFS-J380 to a leading university in China.

Image: Before the delivery of the BJ binder jet ceramic printing device AFS-J380, which was developed by Longyuan AFS.

Image: At present, the BJ binder jet ceramic printing device AFS-J380 developed by Longyuan AFS is in normal operation in the university.

AFS-J380 is a customized model developed by AFS based on the BJ binder jet metal equipment based on the R&D trial production needs of ceramic materials proposed by this user, which is especially suitable for the development and trial production of ceramic materials.

The equipment adopts high-strength frame structure and the latest up-feeding powder single cylinder structure, equipped with double-roller composite powder spreading structure, high-resolution inkjet printing system, air purification system and high-precision forming cylinder transfer car, which can achieve the highest ±0.2mm printing accuracy, 20-40s/layer printing speed and 37-40% green blank density.

Easy and fast operation, flexible replacement of powder materials and binder ink, effectively guarantee the efficiency of scientific research and repeatability of experiments. With self-developed industrial control software and data processing software, the process parameters are highly open and independently adjustable, which is not only compatible with a wide range of materials, but also suitable for exploratory research and rapid preparation iteration of new materials.

Other research and production BJ binder jet metal printers from Beijing Longyuan AFS. As shown below, (1)Research equipment AFS-J120R, (2)Medium-sized research equipment AFS-J380R,(3)Production equipment AFS-J380P.



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