3DP Sand Printer Improves Quality and Efficiency for Sand Casting

August 19, 2023

Sand casting, as the most basic process in casting , accounts for more than 30% of the market share of the foundry industry. Compared with other casting processes, sand casting has the advantages of low production cost, simple process, short production cycle, batch production and so on.

Sand casting process includes sand distribution, mold making, core making, molding, pouring, sand falling, grinding and processing, inspection, etc. Among them, the design of mold making and pouring system is the most time-consuming and costly stage. Especially for the molding of complex parts, the technical level of workers is also more strict. In addition, due to the high failure rate of making molds for complex parts, foundries need to consider the problems of mold cleaning in addition to the problems of transportation and storage of the molds, which invariably increases the production and operating costs of the foundry.

3DP sand printing as a digital green manufacturing technology has become a sharp tool to promote the upgrading of traditional casting. Compared with the traditional sand casting, 3DP sand casting is not subject to the mold turning sand process, with millimeter-level high precision, complex structure of one free molding. In the complex, high-end product manufacturing, can improve product structure design, improve product performance and product profits, reduce R & D costs; in the rapid R & D trial production, can reduce the mold investment and waste, improve the production environment, improve precision and yield, reduce the processing allowance, comprehensively improve product competitiveness; in the small batch of multi-species manufacturing, to achieve data-driven, fast and flexible, to speed up the development of new products, improve production efficiency and casting quality, expand business scope. efficiency and casting quality, expanding business scope and increasing market share.

Sand 3D printing moulding materials

Longyuan AFS independent research and development of 3DP sand printing equipment AFS-J1600Pro has helped many foundries to establish a green, flexible, high-end rapid casting capabilities, such as aerospace and other complex products to complete the rapid manufacturing, but also able to undertake such as automotive parts and other rapid research and development of a large number of trial orders, and to achieve small batch multi-species rapid and flexible manufacturing. Reduce manufacturing costs, shorten the processing cycle, improve market responsiveness and expand competitive advantages.

AFS-J1600Pro Sand 3D Printers
3D printed sand moulds

AFS-J1600Pro molding cylinder size of 1600 × 800 × 600mm, using the latest generation of high stability, low noise, high-speed vibration powder laying technology and 2-Pass high-precision printing technology, with high-performance molding process and intelligent algorithms technology, can achieve 15 seconds per layer of the printing speed and the highest ± 0.3mm printing accuracy; print the tensile strength of the sand type can reach a maximum of 2.5MPa, the volume of gas 8-11ml/g, the surface roughness ≤ Ra25. The equipment adopts modular design, convenient and flexible maintenance, low maintenance cost; equipped with intelligent system, making the operation more convenient, can realize one-key printing, and has the function of printing warning prompts; also through the visual monitoring and other intelligent systems, real-time monitoring of the whole process of processing, record traceability. For cast aluminum, cast iron, cast steel, cast magnesium and other different casting applications, to provide open source sand process solutions, supporting a wealth of sand systems and high-performance binder, curing agent, cleaning agent, to optimize the cost of use for users.

A user through the AFS-J1600Pro sand rapid casting process for a new energy vehicle enterprises trial production of high-power commercial card water-cooled motor shell with complex internal pressure-resistant structure, 10 days to deliver the finished aluminum alloy (ZL101A) castings. The air emission of the printed sand mold is lower than 11ml/g, the strength of the sand mold is higher than 2.0MPa, which meets the requirements of complex internal cold runner casting, and the pressure resistance is 0.3MPa. The finished product has a diameter of 550mm, a height of 440mm, and weighs 43.6kg, with a precision of CT6-7, the surface of the casting complies with the technical requirements, and the average wall thickness is 7.03mm, and the defects are under good control, with no succubus, air holes, sand holes, cracks, slag entrapment, and no polymer, porosity, sand eyes, cracks, and slag entrapment. The average wall thickness is 7.03mm, the defects are well controlled, no succulent, porosity, sand eye, crack, slag, no surface defects and defects, and the pressure test is qualified for airtightness. Compared with the traditional manufacturing process that requires 60 days of production cycle, using 3DP sand printing rapid casting, the production cycle has been shortened by 83% and the cost reduced by 36%.

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