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3D Printing Technology, Inc. (3DPTEK) is a 3D printing equipment and rapid manufacturing service provider in China, also has laser and binder jet 3D printing equipment and materials technology and application process, business covers 3D printing equipment, raw materials research and development and production, rapid manufacturing services for finished metal parts, 3D printing process technology support services, etc., and has established a complete 3D printing rapid manufacturing industry chain, which is widely used in aerospace, Ship pumps and valves, automotive, energy power, industrial machinery, rail transportation, 3C electronics, education and scientific research, sculpture and cultural creation, rehabilitation and medical care and other industries.

3DPTEK has nearly 30 years of experience in 3D printing services and casting experience through the research institute, post-doctoral workstation, engineering technology center "trinity" of the collaborative innovation system to provide solid technical support. Through self-developed 3DP inkjet sand printers, SLS 3D printers, rapid casting, machining, heat treatment, testing capabilities, the formation of 3DP sand casting, SLS sand casting, SLS wax mold casting, PMX wax mold casting and a full set of process solutions. We can provide rapid pilot production service for customers for aluminium alloy, copper alloy, cast iron, cast steel, magnesium alloy, high-temperature alloy, titanium alloy, etc.

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Longyuan AFS Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of 3D printing equipment and manufacturing services in China, providing high-quality R&D pilot production and rapid manufacturing services for small-lot, multi-species and complex structure metal products based on the integrated technology of "3D printing, casting, machining and inspection".

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